Colored Pencil Links

There are too many talented artists working in colored pencil these days to list them all, so I've tried to list here a few representative websites as well as a couple of good pages with a whole lot more...

But first....

One of my pictures is in a book! Check it out!

Ann Kullberg

Ann is a talented artist, but she is also a gifted teacher who never hesitates to share what she has learned. Her magazine, "CP Magazine" - now in both online and print versions ( see below ) is always packed with interesting tips and instruction, including one main lesson, and a showcase featuring colored pencil paintings from a variety of artists. All of her published works on colored pencil are "must-haves." Naturally I am a big fan of the work she did based on her time in Japan.

Ann Kullberg's CP Magazine

Janie Gildow

Beautiful paintings, great instructional materials. I highly recommend her Colored Pencil Solution Book.

Ester Roi

Ester is the inventor of the Icarus Art Desk, which I recommend for artists who want to experiment with heating various wax-based media. It's really fun! And of course she is a brilliant artist too, as her gallery will show.

Gemma Gylling

Great animal and wildlife portraits.

Nicole Caulfield

Gorgeous portraits and still life paintings.

Julie Podstolski

She's an Australian artist who does beautiful paintings of contemporary Japan in addition to Australian landscapes.

Johannes Wessmark

He is a really talented artist from Sweden. His website shows what wonderful effects can be achieved by combing colored pencil with other media.

Bernd Huss

Bernd is both a talented nature artist and a great photographer.

Colored Pencil Society of America

Amazing pictures at their online exhibition.

Colored Pencil Central

This is a great site with links to more artists' web sites, as well as lots of resources and other information for artists.

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