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Natasha USA 07-09-2021 07:40:38 United States of America toggle
I love absolutely everything you do! Such talent and dedication to your art! Inspirational.

Love, Natasha
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Ian Bartlett 31-12-2018 10:40:32 Japan toggle
Superbly talented artist. Have known her for years.
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Debbie Banks Louisiana 30-05-2016 00:52:32 United States of America toggle
Wonderful work Angie!
so glad to have found this link,
I had no idea these were done with colored pencil. Now I get the pencil holder joke...LOL!
Love to you & family.
Great to re-connect via fb.
take care & love,
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Susan falconer 24-08-2013 08:44:37 United States of America toggle
Hi Angie this is Susie,

I've lost your contact info, Would like to catch up

Love to you and Ian
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Joan Funk Madison AL 29-07-2013 08:00:19 United States of America toggle
I particularly like your new series!  I would like to feature them and you as one of my artist of the month on my blog.  There is a simple list of questions for you to answer.  
My blog is joangfunk.blogspot.com
thanks for considering it!
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