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Natasha USA 07-09-2021 07:40:38 United States of America toggle
I love absolutely everything you do! Such talent and dedication to your art! Inspirational.

Love, Natasha
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Debbie Banks Louisiana 30-05-2016 00:52:32 United States of America toggle
Wonderful work Angie!
so glad to have found this link,
I had no idea these were done with colored pencil. Now I get the pencil holder joke...LOL!
Love to you & family.
Great to re-connect via fb.
take care & love,
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Susan falconer 24-08-2013 08:44:37 United States of America toggle
Hi Angie this is Susie,

I've lost your contact info, Would like to catch up

Love to you and Ian
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Joan Funk Madison AL 29-07-2013 08:00:19 United States of America toggle
I particularly like your new series!  I would like to feature them and you as one of my artist of the month on my blog.  There is a simple list of questions for you to answer.  
My blog is joangfunk.blogspot.com
thanks for considering it!
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danny gray the great satan 15-02-2013 07:26:43 United States of America toggle
brilliant. i thought the only gifted person roddy knew was Dorothea Frye. a painter. you may have known her. i would like to know if you did this in new orleans and when did you start painting? is there a message to your drawings or light source? love ya. danny www.robertgrayjr.net
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Natasha NJ 30-11-2011 09:26:55 United States of America toggle
Thanks for putting Sameer's and my portraits on your website.  It is VERY special for us! It is truly amazing what you can do with colored pencils! Please give me a lesson sometime.
Can't wait to see you again soon! Love to you all.
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Maryann Houghteling Illinois 02-04-2011 02:33:11 United States of America toggle
Hi Angela, my how your art talent is growing!  You are doing such great work.  Please let me know how you like the Icarus board.  I hope all is well with you considering the situation in Janpan.  I am happy to hear your son is doing so well.  Please email.  It was great being with you in Ann Kullbergs class.
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Linda Vermont 01-10-2010 19:48:27 United States of America toggle
Angela, these are absolutely stunning.  Thank you for sharing them online.  I can't wait to see more, though they do make me a little homesick for Japan!  Beautiful website (of course).
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Barbara Vermont 04-09-2010 05:23:30 United States of America toggle
Angela! You are so talented. What a pleasure it is to look through your work. Inspiring.
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Ester California 03-09-2010 04:33:11 United States of America toggle
Love your new website, Angela. You do great art!
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